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COMMITTEES TO SUPPORT:  Members are able to get together for regular committee meetings to learn about the needs of our local businesses and the community. Our collective resources are pulled together in order to meet the goals we set. Working side by side with fellow members will bring about solid results! Please consider supporting one of these committees by joining. 

McAlester Chamber Board of Directors:
Objective: To govern and set policy for the McAlester Chamber, to make decisions representing the membership and provide direction support, to oversee the management and planning, and secure necessary resources.  (Serve by nomination and appointment.)
Executive Committee:
Objective: The Executive Committee shall act for and on behalf of the Board of Directors when the Board is not in session and shall be held accountable to the Board of Directors.  (Serve by nomination and appointment.)
Finance Committee:

Objective:  Ensure that the Chamber of Commerce remains fiscally sound and that all monies are handled in a prudent manner.

PRCA Committee:

Objective:  To plan and coordinate activities for the annual PRCA evnet that is held each fall.

Armed Forces Day Committee:

Objective:  To continue the legacy of hosting the second longest running Armed Forces Day celebration in the country.

Leadership McAlester Committee:

Objective: Develop a pool of committed well informed leaders who will actively participate in the growth of the community by accepting leadership roles in civic, charitable, or governmental organizations.

Ambassador Committee:
Objective: Focus on recruitment of new members and existing membership development/retention.  Welcomes new members, and keeps existing members in touch by helping them acclimate to the programs and events of the McAlester Chamber.

Advocacy Committee:

Objective:  Promote legislation and responsible government which creates an environment for economic Development and enhances quality of life for our city and region at all levels of government.

Membership Committee:

Objective:  To grow the membership of the Chamber by promoting it's programs, services and events.

Bylaws and Policies Committee:

Objective:  To provide guidance to the organization by ensuring procedures and policies are in place to help govern the Chamber

Shop Lokal Commitee

Objective: Ours local economy "leaks" 60,000,000.00 to other communities each year. Neighboring communities are taking yout money and generating sales tax revenue to fix and build there infrastructure, hire more policemen and firemen and improve there quality of life. Imagine that money spent in our community.