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McAlester Area Chamber of Commerce Staff





                                                                                                                   Krystal Bess

                                                                                                              CEO & President





The President/CEO of the organization conducts official business on behalf of the Board of Directors, conducts official correspondence, preserves all books, documents and communications, maintains accurate record of proceedings of the Chamber, the Board of Directors and all Committees.  The President/CEO shall serve as advisor to the Chairman and Program of Work Committee and program planning, prepare and present annual budgets.  Plan and coordinate activities that have positive effect on members of the organization and to lead the Chamber Mission of serving their business partners through promotion, advocacy, encouragement and education.


The Administration Assistant is key to the success of all staff and administration operations. The main role of the Administrative Assistant is to be stable office representative of the organization. Responsible for website and social media updates and entries, along with a variety of mailed material to the members. Sets meeting dates for committees, sends reminders, follows up with member requests , commitees meeting minutes, tracking of payments, invoices and helps with creating ways the Chamber can continue to be of benefit to its members. The role also participates with event planning and execution.